There are a number of factions in the world of Redmark, both secular and divine. These categories often overlap due to the somewhat haphazard way religion is dealt with in the Sea of Fallen Gods.


The world of Redmark has a number of peculiarities; one of the most obvious, as it shapes both the minds of its inhabitants and the landscape itself, is the presence of gods. Gods exist, and walk the very earth – or did. At the moment, there are no known living gods, though the shadows of great civilizations devoted to them dot the landscape. The islands of the Sea of Fallen Gods are in fact the jutting remnants of their bodies, corpses scattered across the sea.

Players who wish to follow a deity may do so, and in fact name it whatever they wish and assume that it has access to whichever domains they desire. This may not in fact be accurate (indeed, probably is not), but it seems to work well enough.

It is perhaps worth noting that the use of magic – whether arcane or divine – in an area can have adverse effects on the landscape, and divine magic in particular seems to resonate in interesting ways in certain areas.


Factions in the Sea of Fallen Gods are separated primarily by convenience or tradition; those who abhor laws seem paradoxically inclined to create places in which their lawlessness is acceptable.

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