Squad Feats

Squad feats are feats that change how your character interacts with their squad. In general, they confer bonuses to the character and their allies for teamwork.

Squad Tactics
You have practiced maneuvers with a squad. If you work with a given group of people regularly, each person with the squad tactics feat gets a +1 bonus to flanking maneuvers and may treat squadmates’ squares as though they are unoccupied for the purpose of movement (though they may not end their turns on an occupied square). Furthermore, while moving through squadmates’ squares, they do not suffer attacks of oportunity.

Squad Mage – Protector
Requires Squad Tactics, 2d level spells
You have practiced the use of protective magic with your squad. You may treat any buff with a range of self as though its range were touch for the purposes of buffing your squad members.

Squad Warrior – Protector
Requires Squad Tactics, BAB of 3+
You have practiced defensive maneuvers with your squad. Once per turn, as a free action, you may grant any squad member adjacent to you a +1 dodge bonus to AC. If you have Expertise, you may instead confer any bonus to AC you would get from using Expertise to the target squad member.

Squad Scout – Protector
Requires Squad Tactics, Stealth 5+
You have practiced defensive maneuvers with your squad. Whenever you attempt to use the Stealth skill, you may grant an adjacent squadmate a bonus to these skills equal to one-half your modified roll.

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