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The world of Redmark has a number of peculiarities; one of the most obvious, as it shapes both the minds of its inhabitants and the landscape itself, is the presence of gods. Gods exist, and walk the very earth – or did. At the moment, there are no known living gods, though the shadows of great civilizations devoted to them dot the landscape. The islands of the Sea of Fallen Gods are in fact the jutting remnants of their bodies, corpses scattered across the sea.

Players who wish to follow a deity may do so, and in fact name it whatever they wish and assume that it has access to whichever domains they desire. This may not in fact be accurate (indeed, probably is not), but it seems to work well enough.

It is perhaps worth noting that the use of magic – whether arcane or divine – in an area can have adverse effects on the landscape, and divine magic in particular seems to resonate in interesting ways in certain areas.

A few more ‘official’ religions have popped up, though their followers seem no different from any other. The most powerful of these are listed below:

Cult of the Brinelord

This ‘cult’ is perhaps the most well-known religion in the Sea of Fallen Gods. At least recognized by most sailors, the cult maintains that the sea itself is the blood of an ancient god they call the Brinelord or the Grieving Dreamer. It is customary amongst the more superstitious sailors to spill a sip of wine in his name before embarking on any extended journey.

Church of the Shining One

The ‘official’ religion of the Hasheld empire, the Shining One is represented as a normally peaceful figure who spreads devastation when angered. Despite the religion’s state-backed nature, its true followers tend to be limited to nobles or higher-ranking members of the Hasheld army.

The Coinlord

It is possible that the image of a fat, smiling merchant so lovingly carved into the common coinage of the Sea of Fallen Gods was representative of some ancient king or lord, but over the years the origin of the coinage has been forgotten, and only the image remains. The Coinlord’s name is commonly invoked to seal bargains, and his image is sometimes seen on the more recent ‘trade vouchers’ from Northclaw so despised by visitors to that city.

The Lord of Bears

also known as the ‘Mountain-Speaker’, Misk Faial appears mortal by all counts, his many battle-scars plainly visible. Still his prowess as a commander and the fanatical devotion of his followers serve as an example of just how little the evidence need be to promote one to apparent ‘godhood’.

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